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We Launched Cryptosis

As an investor in the any market we believe it’s important to know the background and fundamentals of any product / service / opportunity you invest in. Cryptosis was created out of the frustration that the current cryptocurrency market has a serious lack in transparency. "If we have this problem, than other people might have the same problem". This is how Cryptosis was born.



We founded Cryptosis to give more transparency in all the cryptocurrencies in the open market. We started of by looking at the coin’s fundamentals. For example:

  • Ability to communicate with the team behind the Coin.
  • Team strength (background, previous accomplishments, leadership, team diversification, etc.)
  • Advisers strength (background, previous accomplishments etc).
  • Product strength (open source, transparency, status of the current product etc).
  • Coin strength (consensus method, type of blockchain, role of the coin etc).
  • Business strength (incorporation, website traffic, and the above)
  • Community backing and Activity on social media

Safe & Secure

Safety and security of wallets and funds is our first priority. We ensure our systems are up-to-date and secured.

Experts Support

Diligent customer support will answer your queries regarding anything.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App provides you with the best solution for Trading anywhere and everywhere, with high end security.

Instant Exchange

Online Exchange provides you with a high-end cryptocurrency exchange with live charts, graphs, tools and much more.


We directly Buy/Sell Bitcoin in your desired local currency, No hassle to find a buyer/seller to get cash in your home-currency.


We have merchandising and E-commerce clients which directly accepts payment from our E-wallet for the goods you buy.

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